Oklahoma Air

Cousins growing up in rural Oklahoma share a love for the old home place that survives the changes that come with adulthood, a long separation, and the passing of their mythic grandfather. Returning native Anna smells freedom and promise in the Oklahoma air, while her California-born daughter sees only a dying town and backward people. Over one long hot summer, the Worthings of Pushmataha County confront the past and their own assumptions about one another.

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Missing Mac

Friends and family advise Marcie Weber to get on with her life. But how can she with a sister and two kids living under her roof–a sister whose husband skipped out with stolen funds? Enter tall Paul who recently started a cyber security business. “Usually I look for zeroes and ones,” he tells Marcie. Together they employ Wizard, Paul’s killer app, to look for the missing Mac. And in the process fall in love. Enjoy a free sample from the Amazon store.



Death In The Stacks, an Elinor & Dot library mystery

My first Elinor & Dot mystery was a hit with librarians and other consumers of “cozy” tales of suspense and mystery.

Retired from the classroom, Elinor & Dot, life-long best friends, run a small town library in the Fordyce Chandler Civic Center, Johns Valley, Oklahoma. The police department is next door, and Chief Ratliff is himself a frequent borrower of true-crime. When a home health nurse is found stabbed to death in the library’s #3 carrel, Elinor & Dot wonder if the killing is related to the woman’s genealogy research. Try a sample from the Amazon store.



Born On The Island, A Novel of Galveston

Your birthplace may be chosen for you, but where you remain is up to you. Galvestonians use a shorthand to describe their place of birth, BOI, or born on the island. Islanders love their city, despite its two-decade cycle of destruction. Every storm is an opportunity to rebuild, transform. Born On The Island is the story of three generations of one island family.


First published on the centennial of Galveston’s Great Storm (2000),
digital edition now available on Amazon. Download a free sample that includes
Meg Galloway’s survival story.


Hardy’s Hope, a John & Mary Bolt Mystery

The Sierra Nevada form a scenic backdrop to John & Mary Bolt’s most harrowing adventure, a case that will test the skills of the celebrated arson investigator as he tries to find his missing wife. What did Mary learn about her fellow guests at Hardy’s Hope B&B that put her at risk? Why was she so interested in the story of a jilted bride with a fondness for gardenias? And how does any of it relate to a trainload of priceless antiques missing from the Victoria and Albert Museum?  John must follow Mary’s lead to reclaim his own bride.


Skyscraper Caper, a John & Mary Bolt Mystery


While Mary is touring England, arson investigator John Bolt offers to help a deserving young property manager discover who or what is behind the petty mischief that takes place after-hours in a downtown Houston skyscraper. When mischief turns to murder, Bolt is forced to wonder if he was set up to be the stylish widow’s alibi. Or must he save her to unmask the real killer?




 John & Mary Bolt Mysteries, available in paper:

John meets Mary on a
bumpy flight to Boston
A honeymoon in the
West Indies turns deadly
John vs. serial arsonist
in South Texas
Up In Flames Flashpoint Who's Burning Paloma Blanca


Linda Bingham taught English, managed a skyscraper, and built a website design business. She lives in Austin.